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A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.


Forex Forecast for Tomorrow

Forex Forecast for Tomorrow

Forex Forecast for Tomorrow (FFT) Forex forecast for tomorrow  FFT is a new, powerful tool allowing to predict forex price actions for tonorrow (daiy's price trend and price range) with a relatively high level of accuracy. This forex forecast is produced at the end of the US trading session and can be interesting for both end-of-day and intraday traders.

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Forex Forecast for Tomorrow

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Advexsystem - mathematical market forecasting

The Advex trading system has been developed through the concept that there is no single market top or bottom cannot be explained by mathematical principles and that the historical prices contain all the important information to accurately forecast the future price action. The main objective of the developers was to 'teach' the trading system to calculate the future price reversals (price targets) with maximal accuracy. That task seemed to be absolutely impossible in the way of forecasting a stationary price target point, while becoming quite realizable in the way of computing a price target linear dynamics over time.

Reliability and accuracy of forex forecast

To be successful when trading on margin, one should be absolutely certain that the probability of the calculated price target to be reached by prices should be equal to 100%, as any other degree of probability makes a speculative trading senseless. Our method of calculating the dynamics of a price target position over time, instead of calculating a stationary price target point (price level), proved to be both reliable and accurate.

Visualization of forex forecast

The trading forecast generated by the system is resulted in sloping or horizontal rays plotted to the right of the last price bar on the chart (forecasting lines) that model the price target position over time.

Bidirectionality of forex forecast

The trading system can generate the trading forecast of both: the profit target and the potential price drawdown from the trade entry level that allows for assessing risk before actual trading commences, and thereby applying for a sensible stop-loss or pyramiding strategy.



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Forex price direction and price range forecast for tomorrow

Why to choose Advexsystem?


An advanced trading system An advanced forex trading system

Extremely Accurate Forex Forecast Accurate forex forecast

Extremely Small Draw Down Price targets that you can rely on

Mathematically Biased Forex Signals All the forex forecasts are solely based on mathematical principles

15 Years of Research 15 years of forex market research 

Short-term trades All trades are closed the same day - ideal for day trading 

High probability tradesWe have turned forex forecasting into exact science



FFT-Forex forecast for tomorrow (

Site News
Jun 2013

The STF-100 service has been suspended

Aug 2012

The function of predicting the next day's price movement direction was added to FFT

Jun 2012

The STF-100  service instead of STF service has started

May 2012

The STF service has been suspended

Feb 2012

A forex  forecast for tomorrow (FFT) service  has started

Dec 2011

STF. A new algorithm to correlate the short-term signals with a longer term forex charts has been developed. This algorithm allows to exclude large drawdowns by the short-term signals, as well as to determine the turning points of the long term (monthly, weekly) forex price trend.

Dec 2009

STF. Major modifications to the Advex trading system algorithm have been made. These changes were intended for a considerable improvement of the system performance

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